Leading Edge Interviews

The Relaxation Response: Interview with Herbert Benson, MD

Battling Junk Food, Scientific Conflicts of Interest and Misleading Ads: Interview with Michael Jacobson, PhD

Olympic Chiropractor: Interview with Michael Reed, DC, DACBSP

Findings of the Bone and Joint Decade Neck Pain Task Force: Interview with Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD

Award-Winning Study Shows Benefits of Guidelines and Chiropractic: Interview with Paul Bishop, DC, MD, PhD

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research at NIH: Interview with Josephine Briggs, MD

Unstuck: Holistic Approaches for Depression: Interview with James Gordon, MD

Wellness Initiative for the Nation: Interview with Wayne Jonas, MD

Integrative Pain Management: Interview with James Dillard, DC, MD, LAc

Breakthrough Research on Avoiding Surgery with Chiropractic: Interview with Gordon McMorland, DC

Chiropractic at National Naval Medical Center: Interview with William Morgan, DC

Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diets: Interview with Neal Barnard, MD

A Landmark Work on Clinical Nutrition: Interview with Alan Gaby, MD

The Healing Power of Plants: Interview with James Duke, PhD

Chiropractic at the Veterans Administration: Interview with Clinton “Chip” Gowan, DC

Acupuncture in the Air Force: Interview with Richard Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH

Chiropractic at a Corporate Integrative Clinic: Interview with Bill Updyke, DC

Reflections on the Opportunity of a Lifetime: Interview with Lance Cohen, DC

Chiropractic in an Integrative Cancer Center: Interview with Jeffrey Sklar, DC

Imagery and Healing: Interview with Martin Rossman, MD

Learning from the Past, Creating a Vision of the Future: Interview with Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD

Asking the Right Questions: Current Issues in Chiropractic Research: Interview with Mitch Haas, DC

Chiropractic in a Southeast Asian University: Interview with Rand Baird, DC, MPH

Working as a Team: Integrative Healthcare in Theory and Practice: Interview with Leonard Wisneski, MD

Bringing Chiropractic’s Message to the World: Interview with J. Michael Flynn, DC

Full Kinetic Chain Adjusting: Interview with James Brantingham, DC, PhD

Comparing Health Paradigms: Interview with Claire Cassidy, PhD, LAc

21st Century Chiropractic Principles and Practice: Interview with Leonard J. Faye, DC

Why Research Matters to Chiropractors: Interview with Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD

Working with Athletes: Where Service Meets Passion: Interview with Tom Hyde, DC, DACBSP

When Telling the Environment’s Story, Health Effects are the Key: Interview with Simran Sethi